Flavor Profiles

Classic Vanilla- white vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.


Classic Birthday- white vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream.


Classic Chocolate- dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.


Classic Wedding- white almond cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry preserves.


Double Chocolate- dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.


Strawberries and Cream- strawberry cake with vanilla meringue buttercream and strawberry preserves.


Lemon Love- lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream.


*Turtle Brownie- chocolate fudge cake with caramel buttercream, chocolate chips and toasted pecans.


Pancake Breakfast- maple cake with caramelized pear compote and maple cream cheese frosting.


Blueberry Lemonade- blueberry cake with lemon simple syrup, lemon curd and vanilla buttercream.


Strawberry Lemonade- strawberry cake with lemon simple syrup, lemon curd and vanilla buttercream.


Caramel Apple- apple cake with caramel buttercream and spiced apple filling.


Chocolate Noir- dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, mousse and chocolate buttercream.


*Coconut Pecan Lime- coconut and pecan cake with lime simple syrup and lime buttercream.


*Southern Carrot- Carrot cake with pecans and coconut, buttermilk glaze and cream cheese frosting.


*German Chocolate- German chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting.


Tiramisu- espresso cake with chocolate ganache, cream cheese frosting and coffee buttercream.


Wedding Lux- white almond cake with chocolate cherry ganache and almond buttercream.


Peanut Butter Cup- peanut butter cake with chocolate peanut butter buttercream and peanut butter cups.


Mint Chocolate Chip- chocolate chip cake with mint buttercream and chocolate chips.


Chai Spice- chai cake with cream cheese and caramel frostings.


Orange Almond Pineapple- orange almond cake with orange buttercream ans pineapple curd.


Vintage Romance- dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberries, strawberry buttercream and chocolate ganache.


Bananas Foster- birthday cake with cinnamon caramelized bananas and rum buttercream.


*Mississippi Mud- chocolate pecan and marshmallow cake with vanilla buttercream.


Cinnamon Roll- cinnamon and vanilla swirl cake with cream cheese frosting .


Salted Caramel- brown sugar caramel cake, salted caramel and vanilla buttercream.


*additional .50 per serving for these flavor selections.